Refining the Chalice Tradition Idea

Gothic birthplaces of the Bloodline of the Sacred goal

“Furthermore, Odin took with him a child of his whose name was Yngvi, who became lord in Sweden, and from him are slipped the family lines known as the Ynglings. These Aesir got themselves relationships inside the nation there, and some of them for their children as well, and these families got broad, so that all through Saxony and from that point everywhere throughout the northern districts it spread with the goal that their language, that of the men of Asia, turned into the native language over every one of these grounds. What’s more, individuals figure they can find from the records of the names of their precursors that those names had a place with this language, and that the Aesir carried the language north to this piece of the world, to Norway and to Sweden, to Denmark and to Saxony; and in Britain there are antiquated names for districts and places which one can tell originate from an alternate language from this one.”

– Snorri Sturluson, The Edda,(1220 A.D.)

In the event that Dan Dark colored had perused Snorri Sturluson’s Edda (1220 A.D.), at that point maybe The DaVinci Code would have occurred in Sweden. All things considered, do we truly comprehend where this idea of a “Vessel Tradition” or “Bloodline of the Sacred goal” originates from? In times past, in any case, it wasn’t the Merovingians who were recognized as “diving beings” through the blood of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. It was the Goths, offspring of Gaut, the gothic All-Father, who were amazing time permitting. The incredible Teutonic clan of the Visigoths sacked Rome, the city of the divine beings. They were resounded in history as heavenly saints, for having vanquished the Endless City, a spot just the divine beings themselves could win. My first raids into such subjects back in the mid 1990s, be that as it may, were not met with cheerful theory. Ralph Toll, my educator for my Significant Prophets class, was not entertained. “This doesn’t even remotely satisfy the task,” was his remark on my research project, joined as it was to a “F” grade. Maybe he was confounded by the paper’s title, “The Savior and Medieval Elvis Sightings.” Or maybe the earnestness of his alumni concentrates in the Jewish language had left him with a ruined comical inclination. Maybe he was insulted by the paper’s proposition that Jesus sired a tradition that governed Europe for a considerable length of time and who could come back to satisfy “End Time Prediction.” Almost certainly Bryan Hoyt, my teacher for Daniel and Disclosures class, was similarly miffed by my investigation of the monarchist ideas of Dante’s De Monarchia considering the monarchist development in Europe that I accepted would reestablish the Blessed Roman Realm. The paper was educated by correspondence with genuine European monarchists, for example, the dish European Global Monarchist Association, Germany’s Custom und Leben, America’s L’Alliance Monarchiste and the Constantian Culture. Mr. Hoyt was besides put out by my reference to the “Chalice Line” idea made well known by Michael Baigent, Henry Lincoln and Richard Leigh in Blessed Blood, Sacred goal and The Messianic Inheritance. Like Dr. Toll, Hoyt additionally thought the idea that Jesus wedded Mary Magdalene and sired a bloodline was impious. His reviewing, in any case, was progressively complimentary.

As a philosophy understudy at Envoy School, in Large Sandy, Texas, a significant number of us accepted like Herbert W. Armstrong, organizer of the Overall Church of God, that a resuscitated Heavenly Roman Domain would proclaim the appearance of the Antichrist, the alleged “mammoth” of Disclosure, who might govern with ten lords in the Most recent Days. My own pet hypothesis held that the “ten rulers” who might administer for one hour with the “brute” in Disclosure 17 would be ten exacting lords on European positions of royalty. Consequently, the universal monarchist development held prophetic ramifications. (Or on the other hand so I thought.) And here was this “stunning” smash hit declaring that an “old mystery society” called the Prieure de Sion (Convent of Sion) was endeavoring to resuscitate a “Merovingian” inquirer to the positions of authority of France and conceivably Austria-Hungary. I was at that point in contact with the “exoteric”- – the general population or external – development of European monarchists. Presently the chance of a covered up “mysterious” monarchist development was exciting. My response at the time was similar to that of different fundamentalists in the late 1980s and mid 1990s who read Sacred Blood, Sacred goal with uncritical eyes and afterward went for it each distrustful way. The wonder has been reverberated in the arrival of Dan Darker’s The Da Vinci Code and the ensuing social discussion. My decisions, as much as I currently prefer not to let it be known, were like those of Oklahoma City fundamentalist J.R. Church in his book, “Watchmen of the Vessel… also, the men who intend to control the world!” There, Chapel energetically finishes up: “When the genuine antichrist at last emerges to build up a one-world government, he could possibly be of the Merovingian bloodline, asserting plummet from the genealogy of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ.” # The lipstick on my prophetic pig, in any case, was that my pig was spruced up in the more refined garments of the monarchist political hypothesis of Dante’s De Monarchia and correspondence with present day monarchist activists.

In the mid 1990s a “congregation shake” occurred in the Overall Church of God when “Minister General” Joseph Tkach Sr. conceded that specific doctrinal lessons of the congregation were imperfect. The congregation dropped its accentuation on “end time” prediction and its English Israelism hypothesis by which the U.S. also, England were said to be Ephraim and Manasseh of the purported Lost Clans of Israel. The congregation lost around 66% of its participation as fragment bunches sticking to Armstrong’s lessons combine and the rest of the center of the WCG embraced more standard Protestant style lessons. While numerous from the Overall Church of God separated their ways towards chapel principles more just as they would prefer, I dove further into the exclusive lessons of Europe’s “underground.”

Through contact with the “underground stream” of the Western Puzzle Conventions, my perspective on Christianity changed fundamentally with introduction to such essayists as Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn, Gerald Massey, James Morgan Pryse, H. Spencer Lewis, G.R.S. Mead, among others. I was presented to works, for example, the “Crata Repoa” in Richard Dawkins’ Paradise and the Arcadian Institute. Dawkins underwear that the “gospel stories” of the Good book may have their birthplaces in antiquated Egyptian puzzle lessons – a thought resounded endlessly by scholars, for example, Kuhn and Massey. At the same time my ideas of “Book of scriptures prescience” were uniquely detonated by crafted by James Morgan Pryse in his 1910 End times Unlocked, which re-deciphers the book of Disclosure considering Greek puzzle lessons. There the opening of the “seven seals” was similar to the opening of the seven “chakras” of Hindu and Tibetan mysterious instructing. As the Egyptian magi had done hundreds of years prior, the “Illuminati” of early Christianity utilized the prophetic imagery of the stars to show stages in the unfurling of concealed catalytic parts of the mind. Pryse retold in extraordinary detail how the “12 gated city” of the New Jerusalem was the human body and the appearance of the soma heliakon (brilliant otherworldly assemblage) of Greek pneumatology. The Platonists compared parts of the mind to the sun and moon, and the soma heliakon (Sun powered Body) that Pryse alluded to in the Book of Disclosure as the “New Jerusalem” – with its figurative “roads of gold.” It was equivalent to the augoeides ochema (brilliant vehicle) or the astroeides (star-like body) expounded on by G.R.S. Mead in The Precept of the Inconspicuous Body in the Western Custom. # In light of the fact that the otherworldly body was accepted to be made of star-like substances, the magi utilized the imagery of star-heavenly bodies and planets to hide their study of profound arousing, as per Pryse. At any rate, what turned out to be flawlessly obvious to me, in any case, was that the Book of Disclosure initially had nothing to do with any expectation of things to come – and by augmentation, any restored and mysterious controlled “Heavenly Roman Domain.”

However, it took numerous years to at last make sense of that. Furthermore, meanwhile I went through years in Web message sheets talking about the purported “Convent of Sion,” the supposed mystery society that established the Knights Knight, Rosicrucians and Freemasons. The affirmed “mystery society” were probably the “watchmen of the vessel bloodline.” This as far as anyone knows was the bloodline sired by Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, as indicated by a large group of well known “mysterious” scholars in the field of the “Puzzle of Rennes-le-Estate.” Some time before Dan Dark colored showed up on the scene with his phenomenally famous novel and film, The Da Vinci Code, scientists like Paul Smith had with fastidious consideration exhibited that the cases brought by Pierre Plantard in regards to the purported Prieure de Sion, were on the whole fake. # While the information that ruined Plantard may have been normal information among the masters that accumulated on the web, the fame of the Jesus-bloodline thoughts burst into flames once Dan Darker’s epic turned out to be such an open marvel. It remains, be that as it may, for scientists like Dr. Stephen Blossoms, a.k.a. “Edred Thorsson,” to infuse greater mental stability into the open discussion over the “bloodline of the Sacred goal” hypothesis.

As Edred calls attention to in Riddles of the Goths, the entire thought that the Merovingians were the relatives of Jesus, was in every case only a preoccupation and obscurity of the first “bloodline of the Sacred goal” idea. The “long-haired” Merovingian lords may have accepted they were the relatives of the divine beings, yet not in light of some pseudo-Jewish tradition idea, but since of wide-spread convictions held by Germanic clans. The amazing line of old was the Volsungs, with “Sigurd” being the gallant slayer of the monster Fafnir. The stories of this gallant administration started circling among the Frankish clans of France as right on time as the Fifth and 6th hundreds of years, as indicated by researchers.

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