The Genuine Idea of the Past and What’s to come

As people, we tend to allude to our lives as far as the past and what’s to come. We contemplate what has just occurred and what we have done, and what we hope to occur and anticipate doing sometime in the not too distant future.

As a general rule, there is no past and there is no future, aside from as they exist as ideas that we express. The facts confirm that we experience our lives as though in a succession of time. There is no uncertainty that at one time we were more youthful than we are currently, and that we will in the long run become more established than we are presently. It is additionally evident that we encountered occasions yesterday that we have a memory of, and that we will encounter occasions tomorrow that we can envision today.

In absolutely experiential terms, in any case, we can’t encounter the past or the future, with the exception of as ideas that we express right now about a recalled past or an imagined future.

As it were, we can, and frequently do, consider encounters that we have just had (which we mark the “past”) and encounters we will conceivably have sometime in the future (which we name “what’s to come”).

Be that as it may, similar to all encounters, thusly of encountering the “past” or the “future” can just ever happen – as an outflow of suspected – right now.

Truth be told, there is just a single Snapshot of Experience: This Present Minute. There is just This One Snapshot of Experience, yet it is a Present Minute Encounter that is in a consistent condition of continuous change.

In the event that we can acknowledge that reality that our lives just ever happen right now, our One Snapshot of Experience, for what reason is it then that we invest so a lot of energy drenched in musings about the “past” and the “future” if in actuality they don’t exist with the exception of as ideas we make right now?

We do this in light of the fact that as people, we have a characteristic propensity to consider occasions that have recently happened (the “past”) and foresee, plan for, and stress over occasions that we have some desire for happening (what’s to come”).

There is nothing intrinsically amiss with doing this. Truth be told, pondering the past is one way that we learn and alter our activities into progressively successful practices. In like manner, envisioning future occasions can assist us with preparing for them.

In any case, when we fixate on past occasions and stress unendingly over envisioned future results, and enable such fixation and stress to adversely affect us, these are dangerous methods for utilizing our Snapshot of Experience that repress our capacity to encounter clearness and prosperity at this very moment.

It is extremely simple to get consumed in musings about the past and the future, to the degree that we frequently enable our thoughtfulness regarding be drawn away from our genuine, direct understanding of This Present Minute as it is really happening, and rather go into an absolutely mind-based involvement with which we become assimilated in our confused and regularly distorted portrayals about our past encounters or wild, irregular, and regularly entirely wrong hypotheses about what’s to come.

We can and regularly become so ingested in these absolutely mind-based encounters about the past and the future that our psyches can (and frequently do!) really stunt us into accepting that these contemplations about the past and what’s to come are what is really occurring in our lives directly here and at the present time. To such an extent that we can (and regularly do!) have extraordinary passionate responses to these simply thought-based encounters freely of what is really occurring in our Present Minute reality.

As a general rule, what is really happening in our lives right now is constantly substantially more basic, direct, and sensible than the brutal flows of believed that swallow our consideration.


At the point when the mind-based encounters in which we become ingested are of the negative assortment, that is, the point at which we consider our past or future in horrible terms, our “past” and “future” can really influence our Present Minute Involvement with a negative way, so our experience of This Minute becomes undesirable simply dependent on the manner by which we are thinking, as opposed to whatever is really happening in our prompt condition.

Thus, regardless of whether our considerations be sure or negative, it is fundamental that we can separate between the genuine encounter of occasions that is happening right now, and the absolutely applied, personality based encounters of the “past” and the “future,” which we currently know are just the present minute experience of communicating contemplations about past occasions and potential future occasions.

When we become mindful of the way that the “past” and the “future” just exist as contemplations that we express right now, we need never again enable ourselves to be powerlessly influenced by the occasions of our past or worries about our future.

Since we currently realize that the past and what’s to come are essentially considerations that we express right now, at whatever point we feel antagonistically influenced by the “past” or the “future,” we can just supplant our ruinous contemplations with valuable ones. Far and away superior, we can essentially draw our consideration out of the befuddling domain of unadulterated thought, and spotlight it back on the basic present minute reality that is unfurling directly before our eyes.

At the end of the day, the past and what’s to come are just “genuine” to the extent that we give them kudos for being genuine. We generally have the choice of evolving them, or basically rejecting them and bringing our consideration once again into This Present Minute.

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